Each item has been sculpted, carved, torched, polished, glazed, poured, blown, sanded, made by human hands and have been produced locally in Denmark.

Chroma is a world made up by objects that exist in the space between the feminine, the dark, the quirky and the magical – in between pointy edges and the radically soft. From mouth blown glass to raku fired clays to precious metal wearables. Objects that are made to make to you stop, pause and look. Over and over again.

Chroma is a family owned business that celebrates and supports a new generation of artists, designers and makers. A generation for which sustainability and good ethics are at the core of both the proces and the final works. Something, that is part of Chroma's chromosomes as well. Therefore, we will continuosly work on initiatives - externally and internally - that gives back something to the world. More will follow.